Whether you are training intensely for a specific sport, a specific goal (weight loss, wedding, beach trip, marathon, etc) or training to feel better in your daily life, PLUM believes in supporting your passions and filling your bucket.

Our bodies were designed to move, and move a lot. As our lives become increasingly driven by technology and commuting (i.e. sedentary), we need a fitness routine that gives us everything we need to stay active, healthy and injury-free. In an effort to keep your body toned, strong, and flexible, we have designed a curriculum which utilizes the findings from sports’ science and physiology to offer you exercises and classes that give you the opportunity to open your hips and shoulders, prevent chronic back pain, and strengthen your core.

 We have built our West inspired Fitness room to include 14 sets of gymnastics’ style rings for full-body conditioning, spinal traction, and scapular strength. We have classes designed to target Core, Shoulders/Hips/Spine, and developing a skill- like the Handstand. We also have a stretch class- Athletic Stretch for everyone who “knows they need to stretch” but just won’t do it on their own.

 Yes, we want a chiseled 6 pack and toned arms now, but we also want to be moving gracefully through life. We are here to make sure you are able to do everything you want to do right now (including looking great in that LBD) and train to maintain your mobility (and figure) for life.


Athletic Yoga

Challenge your strength and endurance. Stretch your muscles and improve your balance. These are the fitness foundations of this yoga style cross-training work out. Youve heard about how great yoga is for you for your body and mind. This is the class for anyone with a current fitness base who wants to try yoga. All fitness levels welcome.

Athletic Stretch

Need to stretch? Got yourself some tight hamstrings and IT bands from your daily runs, Cross-Fit training, or tennis matches? This class is perfect for all athletes of all levels and all sports. Get into this class to flush lactic acid, increase flexibility, and get rested for your next intense competition/work-out/training session/practice. This class will increase your performance and get you the flexibility results you want! Stretch it all out. All fitness levels welcome.

Abs/ Glutes/ Low Back Strength

Abs. Trunk. Chisel. Need we say more? Get your 6 pack on in this class. Trim your waist line. Strengthen your back. Connect to your core. Burn fat and get toned.

Find all the toning and firming aspects of this pilates/ballet/core infusion of exercises while utilizing the gymnastics style rings for full-body strength conditioning. This class is high energy, intense, and rigorous. If you are for an effective work out focused on the core, this is it!  All levels welcome.

Shoulder/ Hip/ Spine Mobility (aka Rings N Things)

Looking for a workout that enhances everything else you are doing in your life? Looking for a workout that brings immediate results of toning, strength, and mobility? This is just the class for you! Utilizing gymnastics rings, implementing martial arts style exercises, while exploring a variety of strength and movement patterns for the hips and lower body, come in and improve your physical potential with this new trend of a work out. Be prepared to sweat! 45 minutes to challenge yourself. All fitness levels welcome.

Private Training

Go 1 on 1 with your favorite fitness pro. Your pro will design the best program for your specific needs and goals. Optimize your time and make the most of your workouts. 1 hour to fine-tune your fitness program.

Express Core + Yoga

Results oriented? Don't have time for it all, but need it all now? Want your yoga stretch for flexibility and your core exercises to strengthen the trunk too? Want to feel that really good burn in the abs, glutes, and back while gaining some length in your hamstrings and hips? 45 minutes to get it all in. All levels welcome. 

Handstand & Straight Arm Basics

For those looking to attain a solid base in the handstand that will transition to future movement skills. This class is specifically designed to prep you for a handstand practice. A typical session will include proper warm-ups, body alignment drills, core prep, inversion practice as well as mobility drills to help with attaining a beautiful vertical position. 

*Open to everyone from beginners to advanced practitioners.

*Those who develop a consistent handstand hold will be allowed to attend the future advanced handstand class.

Yoga Nidra (Inner Space Journey)

This class is unlike any other "yoga" class you have ever experienced. It is an entire hour of Deep Healing Relaxation. It is otherwise known as the "Adult Nap". The only catch with this practice is, you must remain attentive and alert while lying down on your back for a full hour of guided relaxation. Head toward Delta Wave relaxation and feel as though you just had the best 8 hours of REM sleep in your life. 

 No Asana. The only position is Savasana.