Sage Annen


Sage is a fierce and impassioned Yogi and Structural Integration Specialist. As a teacher and practitioner, she creates a rich and diversified environment fostering authentic expression and igniting your growing edge. Sage is becoming known for her ability to weave impassioned and inspired messaging into a powerful asana yoga practice, making you conscious of your true essence and strength. She insists "movement physicality is just another way into the space of consciousness, where we can access intuition and emotional insight that move us out of uncertainty and into a more graceful flow."

Fascinated by human design, movement and alignment principles, Sage is ever-immersed in diverse and dynamic physical studies that range from Yoga, Strength/Cross Training and Plyometrics, mixed martial arts like Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Tibetan Kung Fu, to rock climbing and aerial silks. Sage designs a conscious and cohesive experience by infusing her teachings with her highly engaging yet available and playful mix of physical disciplines.