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Plum Yoga {Your Third Home}

It’s senior year and (eww I feel so old) between us, I can most definitely tell that my countless Uptown adventures and late night Canes binging has affected my overall being. At some point you realize that your body is material; it needs to be taken care of and will someday expire. To make sure you aren’t falling apart by your fifties you have to be conscious of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re putting it through.

***Cue eating healthy and working out

So your options are gym (yea right) and/or a multitude of other fitness subcultures like cycling, pilates, blah blah blah. Upon weighing these options I decided to take up yoga because I had always heard great things, and tbh it looked cool. [Ok, fast forward to me being a fairly experienced yogi] Last week the team caught wind that this new yoga studio opened up on Lower Greenville, so we immediately made plans to see what the new member of the Dallas yoga community was all about.


So I get on the website to sign up for a class and was immedeatly blown away by all of the different styles of yoga they offer. They range from nurturing beginners courses to ass-kicking advance practices,  with specialized classes designed for things like stress, anxiety, and meditation. Not only do you have a lot of options, but you get to choose classes that specifically benefit you and your time schedule. I walk into the studio and *angels singing* wow it’s so cool. Rose, the owner, greeted me in the lobby assuring I was warmly welcomed. Enamored by the decor, I waltzed into the studio where I met the instructor, Sage, who not only radiated “cool”, but made sure I was comfortable and well prepared for class.

The class was one of the best I’ve taken, perfectly balancing challenge and serenity. The class was small and personable which gives the instructor a better oppurtunity to make corrections and adjustments to your postures. The small class also helps with your confidence (as sometimes attempting those poses in a room full of strangers can be a little intimidating) and provides a new chance to make friends.

After class I got a chance to chat with Rose about the studio and its personality. So the concept behind Plum Yoga is positioning itself as your third home. You have school/work, you have your actual home, and usually a third place that you focus a lot of energy and time in. Plum Yoga fulfills all your third home requirements, providing a place to excercise, meet friends, relax, shop, and most importantly, feel at home.

The clothing they have is actually super cute! A) I’m not a huge fan of appropriating workout wear and B) yoga studio shops can be a hit or miss, but I was really impressed when looking through the pieces they had. What’s also nice is that a lot of the clothing is versatile, making it easy to go from school to yoga to work to wherever. [Side note: their jewelry is amaze and you all know I’m an accessory snob (SCORE)]

There’s definitley this cool, upscale, but super boho vibe going on, so not only is that apparent in the style and clothing, but also in the variety of gifts they have. They have treasures from stationary to skin products, all of which seemlessly fit into the studio’s asthetic. I also found out that all of their soaps and candles are organically produced by ethical means and come from privately owned business, supporting their altruistic and healthy initiatives.

Before I left, Rose introduced me to the wonderful world of TW-E Teas and the creatively tasteful variety they have to offer. After class you can sit and enjoy freshly prepared tea in the lobby while chatting with yogis or working on your computer. It’s all handblended loosleaf tea, coming in 20 different styles and flavors. They have a range of teas divided into 4 categories, each of which is dedicated to the body, mind, spirit or heart. The artisanal tea blends combine an array of natural ingredients which come together to make a series of distinctive and delightful tea options. I got the Chai “Chai That” Tea which was super amaze but now I want to try them all.

Ok, quick recap: Plum Yoga Dallas is your new place to call home, offering fitness, friends, shopping, and some damn good tea. You have gotta get in there, and if you already have a home studio, I suggest you still drop in for a class because you will not be dissappointed!