Rose Fitzgerald


For me, a workout was just something scheduled in my busy day like an appointment, between meetings and conference calls, after carpool, at the end of a workday, before dinner. Stretching was that thing at the end of the workout that I never quite had enough time to fit in. After many, many years of beating myself up and with hamstrings so tight I couldnt touch my toes, a trainer encouraged me to try yoga to compliment my workouts.

Being a results-oriented, competitive Type A personality, to say I was resistant to trying yoga is an understatement. I was flat out defiant.

A sweet (& patient) friend finally convinced me that I didnt have to the best at something to enjoy it. I could benefit from yoga just by being in the room. No judgment. So with trepidation (and a little arm twisting) I attended my first class. I realized I could find the time for yoga every day. After that it wasnt long until yoga was no longer an exercise to improve flexibility but rather a dynamic practice that permeated every aspect of my life.

The power of yoga in my life lies beyond what the eye can see. Yoga has helped me strive to live an inspired life by changing my body, but most importantly, by changing my mind and emotions. I am still on a journey and work everyday to slow my pace, put down the to-do list and live in the present moment.

Yoga has taught me that balance is finding the right proportions in life. Finding strength where there is weakness, flexibility where there is tightness and softness in the intensity.

As a founder of Plum in 2015, I am working to find balance by linking my passion for the practice of yoga with my practical business expertise and experience as a former real estate finance executive and active community volunteer and philanthropist. Plum is an opportunity for me to take a risk, to seek fulfillment, to assemble an incredible team and build something bigger than the sum of its parts.

200 hour Teacher Certification, APY 2012