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What kind of yoga will I be “doing” at Plum?

Here at Plum you have the opportunity to check out many different varieties of yoga. Plum offers a multitude of forms and lineages of the yoga practice. We believe that there is a style of yoga for everyone, but not everyone needs to be doing the same style of yoga. Check out our class descriptions to read about all the forms and amazing offerings Plum has in its schedule.

 Is it “hot” yoga?

You will be experiencing all of your yoga classes in an ambient temperature regulated room. The Yoga classes are kept between 85 and 90 degrees. The yoga room has its original 100 year old brick walls a backdrop to the practice, so depending on the temperature and humidity index outside, the room will feel slightly different.

Will I sweat?

At times, according to the “sequencing”, what you might have eaten and had to drink recently, as well as, how much tension and stress you are carrying, you will generate quite a bit of internal, cleansing and purifying heat. In other words, “yes”, you will sweat, but you will be sweating without depleting your vital living force! Don’t worry, we will have towels for your use during class, but we recommend that you bring your own yogi towel and bottle of water to class!

Will I “get” a workout?

Every Plum class will physically challenge you in a way that, over time and with constant practice, you will be able to notice a difference in your physique, your posture, and the quality of your life.  But, just so you know- this is not a cardio exercise, although you will get your heart rate up. This is not weight training, although you will use your body weight and gravity to build muscle mass and endurance. This is not a “fitness class”, although you will end up with all the sensations and “results” of a work out. Increased heart rate, muscle strength and toning, as well as, the feel of a great work-out are simply a few of the many natural by-products and benefits of Plum’s vinyasa-style yoga classes. Moreover, you will find yourself challenged beyond the limits of the physical body and mind. In fact, you might just encounter the wisdom within your own heart!

What kind of music will be playing during class?

The music selection will vary depending on your instructor, but the point of the class is to relieve stress while energizing and uplifting the spirit. For this to happen, it is best that the music be an enhancement, rather than a distraction to your own inner experience, so we will be playing fun, ambient, “yoga” beats.

How do the instructors teach their classes at Plum?

Every teacher instructs in a simple, down-to-earth, clear and concise manner. Every instructor you will encounter at Plum emphasizes non-harming and compassion in their classes. Every instructor will, according to the class, shift between “practicing” the poses and sequences with the group, walking around the room while helping with alignment and safety, and standing/sitting at the front of the class directing and cuing to keep everyone moving together while constantly keeping an eye on you to assist you in your own personal practice. Even though you will be practicing in a room with lots of people, you will be receiving lots of personal attention.

What will I “get” from doing yoga at Plum?

Our classes provide you with the tools and techniques for attaining optimal health, reducing built up stress and tension, and learning about your own self-imposed limits; as well as, the mind’s misperceptions of who you are along the way.

Our classes, when done regularly and with enthusiasm, will not only improve your overall flexibility, strength, and balance quickly and efficiently, but you will start to see the results of your efforts showing up off of your mat and in your life. You might even find yourself having more patience with your co-workers/partner/kids and harboring less judgment/resentment/anger. You will start to feel lighter! You will have less worries, fears, and doubts!

Ultimately, with constant, dedicated practice, over time, you might even end up with a happier and more productive life!

Why should I practice yoga at Plum?

At Plum, we believe in the power of friendship and laughter. We recognize the busy quality and stressful nature of your life. We are passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with you so that you can wake up and enjoy your life to its fullest potential.

We are here for you and we want to see you every day!

Our duty is to serve you and your specific needs. May each of your classes at Plum be of great benefit to you and the world around you!

What should I bring?

You should bring a towel, water bottle, and yoga mat to every class. If you forget any of these items, we will have towels for use during class, water bottles for sale, and yoga mats for rent or purchase.