Located in Lowest Greenville, on one of the hottest blocks in Dallas, Plum: a yoga community is not your typical yoga studio. With an artisanal tea lounge and thoughtfully curated boutique, Plum is built around the way you live your life. In our East Inspired Studio, we serve the needs of anyone who has been afraid to yoga for the first time to anyone interested in deepening their understanding of the yoga practice. Our West Inspired Studio offers mindfulness-based fitness programs with gymnastics’ style rings, strength and flexibility classes and core conditioning. Our classes and programs are designed to improve your quality of life in the “real” world and to help you relax, reboot and connect.

Everyone wants big changes and grand resolutions in the New Year. While it’s great to have these goals, we all know life has a way of happening. Things come up, plans are derailed, and resolutions are broken. This month, Plum is focusing on starting small, being mindful, and helping you break up with your bad habits to create a path toward sustainability. Life is an ebb and flow, so take the first step and NAMASTART with Plum.