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We’re excited to introduce CORE! It’s an all level 45 minute full-body workout mat class utilizing Pilates inspired movements! It will improve strength, balance, and stamina while toning and shaping the chest, shoulders, arms, back, belly, glutes, and thighs. The class is taught with a focus on alignment and proper engagement with modifications to keep it safe, effective and allow students to set the intensity. CORE class is a great way to lose weight, define muscle (particularly that six pack), improve endurance, and boost your energy. 


CORE Classes

Working in circuit style to enhance your fitness level, you will encounter reps on the rings, squat type exercises, strength and flexibility movements, and dynamic core busting exercises to tone, strengthen and stretch the whole body.   You will use muscles you never knew you had for the ultimate in performance enhancing fitness classes.

Not your typical Circuit Class. You will work in circuit fashion, but moderately paced with greater emphasis on technique and toning.  You will see results quickly with regular participation in this class!

CORE Private Training

Go 1 on 1 with your favorite fitness pro or yoga instructor. Your pro will design the best program for your specific needs and goals. Optimize your time and make the most of your workouts. 1 hour to fine-tune your fitness program.