T-We Teas are Dallas' new favorite

You can't get the perfect cup of tea just anywhere, folks. And that's what people are describing T-We Teas, perfection in a cup. T-We Teas is a San Francisco based crafter of artisanal small batch teas. Other than a few select locations (mainly in San Francisco) and online, T-We Teas are not available in many places, but we've got one here Dallas -- located at the Plum Yoga in Greenville. The beautiful Plum Yoga community has partnered up with T-We Teas, a company that stands for truth, beauty, and community. 

There is a tea shop conveniently nestled inside the yoga studio for you to stop by for a tea or sip on your favorite cup of tea before/after your yoga session. Tea plus yoga? What could be more relaxing? 

Plum Yoga invited me over to try out one of their classes a couple of weeks ago. Afterwards, I sat down for some lovely tea. I prefer cold beverages over hot, and, to my joy, there are several iced teas that T-We offers! I love everything about these teas! From their clever and hilarious names to their delicious taste. 

I tried out Namaste Y'all, served in ice and had to get a second helping for the road. The ingredients (and awesome scents) are carefully combined to create just what you are looking for. Whether it's energy, calming, comfort, or creativity. 

If you're looking for your next favorite tea, check out T-We Teas online or at Plum Yoga Dallas.