We believe in Happiness as a personal pursuit. We know that happiness is directly related to feeling good in the body and experiencing clarity and peace in the mind. We also know that Yoga directly influences how people feel- on a physical AND psychological level. 

We want you to feel fit, energized, flexible, strong, capable, confident, and most of all- Happy. We want you to reach your fitness goals – muscle tone, weight loss, fat reduction, increased flexibility, better posture.  We want you to come away from your Yoga Class feeling lighter, more positive and less stressed out.

PLUM has designed a Yoga Schedule around the myriad “needs” of your life with the end-goal of experiencing more joy in your relationships, job, and daily activities. We know that on some days you need a vigorous and physically challenging class and you need to relax, unwind, and stretch on others. On some days, you just might want to go upside down and learn how to stand on your hands. There is a rhythm and a flow to PLUM's weekly schedule. Once you get into the cycle of daily classes, you will start to feel amazing! 

But, please don’t worry if life gets busy one week and you just can’t squeeze it all in. New Beginnings are a natural part of a busy life. 

Start where you are- we will meet you there. (This is one of the cornerstones to finding Happiness.)

We know that you have a lot going on and we want you to feel calmer, more rested, more energized, more fit, and just plain lighter and happier

Do more Yoga. (Another cornerstone toward encountering Happiness!)


Gentle Yoga (Anxious Ann)

Afraid of flying? Trepidatious by nature? Nervous about starting something new or letting go of something old? Anxiety around starting over? This is where it all begins for you! Bring your Anxious Ann self and start yoga, which everyone has already said would be SO good for you! We will walk you all the way through this class to keep you safe while welcoming and inviting you to enjoy yoga at your own speed.

This class, moves at an easy-going pace with simple, easy-to-follow poses. All levels welcome.

Dharma Yoga (Guru Magic)

One of the most accessible classes on the schedule, you will find lots of variations and instruction from a teacher who has studied in one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs in the country. This class is gentle on the joints and body, while offering a good work out all at once. Ease into the yoga practice with this vinyasa style class. Check out the website for more information on this style of yoga. (www.dharmayogacenter.com)

This class will vary in tempo and sequencing depending upon the group. Variations and modifications for all poses are given according to your own personal needs. Breath work is part of this practice. All levels welcome.

 Open Yoga (Hot Sweaty Mess)

Type triple A Personality? Only have an hour to get it all in? Looking for a physical, hot sweaty class? This is just the class you need! Tone the physical body with this athletic workout-style-heart rate-up class.

This class moves at an up-beat, dynamic pace with variations and modifications for all levels of strength, flexibility and experience. All levels are welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga (Surfs Up)

Love the soothing qualities of the ocean while working hard to catch the perfect wave? This is the ebb and flow of a Vinyasa Yoga class. Vinyasameans to have a special place. All the poses in these classes offer up something special, taking you to a natural state of being. This is the perfect blend of hard and soft, effort and ease.

This class moves in a rhythmical cadence. There will be lots of variations and every class will vary in content and pacing 

Shadow Yoga (Purifier Practice)

Ready to tap into your deepest inner powers? You might have to come face to face with your greatest fears first, but if you really want to see just how intense the yoga practice can get, this might just be your class. If you have been interested in Ninjas or Warriors, enjoy martial arts and dance movements, and love to study nature this is what you have always been looking for! Check out Zhander who has had a major influence on yoga today at (www.shadowyoga.com).

This class is not flow based, but will move quickly through various poses and movement sequences. All levels are welcome; while more advanced practitioners will particularly enjoy the challenge of this class.

Yoga 101 (Launch Pad)

Ready to take off into the unknown regions of yoga? Have no clue where or how to start, but really want to and know how good it will be for your body and mind? This is it! Start hereTODAY.

This class is workshop style, so poses/exercises will be broken down and taught. You will learn the names of the poses and what a Sun Salutation is and how to go about integrating into any other yoga class on the schedule. All levels are welcome, but this is where you might want to start doing yoga if you havent done it ever before!   

Restorative Stretch + Meditation (Beauty Rest)

Insomniac or new parent in need of rest and recovery? Exhausted and stressed out from a rough commute, hectic work schedule, and demanding boss? Take this class to be rocked like a baby into a deep, healing restorative state. Not much movement in this class, but chock-full of rest for your beautiful Self!

This class is not flow. You will hold poses for up to 20 minutes. It is deeply relaxing and healing. 

This class finishes with some concentration/meditation techniques to steady the monkey mind.

 All levels are welcome and will benefit greatly.  

Breath Work + Meditation (O2 High)

The Breath is an important healing tool. Without oxygen we wouldn't survive more than a few minutes.  Without food, we could go weeks. Without water we could go days. But, without breath, we are nothing.

Learn simple breathing techniques which give your body more ease and comfort.

Stress Reduction Stretch (Personal Time)

High blood pressure? High stress job/boss/life? Take a break and take your body through gentle stretches to loosen up the knots of tension. Learn how to breathe easier and calm your mind. This class is for everyone who needs to relax and unwind.