Deep Fried Fit


That’s how I used to feel about stretching, until I found out my Achilles tendon was so tight it was on the verge of snapping. Now I can’t preach enough about how important stretching is for the body before and after every workout. For the longest time, I used to neglect this very vital step in my fitness regimen and as a result, I was prone to all kinds of injuries. I had what one massage therapist said was “the most messed up little body she’s ever seen.” Tons of knots, so much tension, and not enough TLC. Not something I want to brag about.

Deep stretch classes are also a form of cross training. After hitting the weights, training for that marathon, or finishing a killer spin class, you have to help your body recover and undo some of the damage. Whether it’s lack of time or simply not knowing what stretches to do, I’ve compiled a list of deep stretch classes for all my athletic friends (looking at you fellas). You’ll find 12 places you can squeeze in a deep stretch class that’ll do the body good:

Plum Yoga Dallas – Athlete’s Stretch, Gentle Yoga
This class is perfect for all athletes of all levels and all sports. Get into this class to flush lactic acid, increase flexibility, and get rested for your next intense competition/work-out/training session/practice. This class will increase your performance and get you the flexibility results you want! Stretch it all out. All fitness levels welcome.
Cost: $20 drop-in
Address: 1924 Greenville Ave | Dallas, Texas 75206