Dallas Trends

I was so excited to be invited to visit Plum Yoga Dallas to try one of their classes yesterday, because I haven’t practiced yoga in a long time. I decided to sign up for the Happiest Hour yoga at 5-6PM. Right now they have an amazing deal going on where you can buy ten consecutive classes for $10. I think that’s a great deal, especially since they have a variety of classes all day.

I love their concept of an East and West room, where you can do yoga and meditation-type classes in one, and more physical, strengthening-type classes in the other. The East room is gorgeous, with an exposed brick wall, and gorgeous lighting that sort of look like two huge, glowing orbs, and is very peaceful. The West room has rings that hang from the ceiling, which I really want to try. 

This was my first yoga class where the instructor asked the students to get close enough in order to put your arm around their shoulder, or press your hands together with others. It was neat, and a great idea, since so many of us do not get enough human contact, and we are afraid of others, in some sense. We only had to stand in a line using one another for support for a couple of minutes, so don’t let this deter you, if you’re in any way skeptical. All instructors are different, as well.

The tea counter is wonderful. I love how they have a chart you can utilize in order to figure out which type of tea you might be in the mood for. It explains mood, with tea type, and their caffeine levels. Each tea is from T-We Tea in Dallas, and is such a lovely aromatic and unique blend of ingredients. I’m absolutely in love with their Big D Sweet Tea, which has dates instead of sugar, and was designed just for Plum Yoga. When making the iced tea, they steep the tea blend over night with dates in the mixture, and strain it the next to create one of the most delicious sweet iced teas I have ever tried. All of the tea names and descriptions are cheeky and hilarious. one was even called Sexpot! 

Their shop is also full of unique and wonderful items. I love how they support small and local businesses, and many of the shops also give back to their community, as well as recycle and upcycle items. They have some of the softest materials for clothing and scarves. I also love their candles, and tea steeper. 

I’m doing a giveaway next week for a Plum Yoga tank top and a single class pass for one person. Keep an eye out for the official giveaway details. I can’t wait to start that giveaway. 

Bye, lovelies!