Dallas Morning News

I love hearing about new businesses — more specifically, new yoga studios — opening. What courage it takes at all, especially so in a city where there are already bunches. But each one offers its own flavor, and sometimes you gotta do a little sampling before you find the one that suits your taste buds and your abilities. I tried several places before I found my yoga home at Fit Yoga.

Maybe you’ll find yours at Plum Yoga Dallas. The newly open studio on Lower Greenville has classes, a tea bar and a shop featuring (quoting the email I just received) “cool things by cool people all while benefiting worthwhile causes.”

Here's a schedule; maybe something in it will suit your fancy. I kinda like the sound of Anxious Ann and Guru Magic, but that’s just me. As a grand opening gesture, the studio is offering 10 days for $10 through the end of October. What a deal, eh?