Athletic Stretch
Instructor: Melissa B
1924 Greenville Ave | Dallas 75206


D Town Sweat GradeA+

Price Range$$$

Fitness95% Stretch | 5% Strength

CrowdSlim Crowd

Instructor EngagementHigh

Instructor LeadershipHigh

Studio AtmosphereWarm

Type of ClassYoga


Length of Class1 Hour

Male/Female Ratio0 Men | 3 Women

Age Range20 – 30ish

Participating MembershipsNone


I’ve been searching for this class since I moved to Dallas two years ago, and I’ve finally found it! As someone who’s run for years, I’m extremely tight – my hips, my calves, my shoulders – you name it, it’s tight. I love practicing yoga to counterbalance the pounding I’ve put my body through and I make a conscious effort to incorporate it into my fitness routine, especially while race training, but I often take modifications to accommodate my hips and legs during typical flow classes. So when I checked the new Plum Yoga’s schedule and saw an early morning Friday class called Athletic Stretch, I knew I had to sign up!

For beginners, Plum Yoga is located on one of my (and probably your) favorite streets in Dallas – Greenville Avenue. It opened in early August and is not only a yoga studio, but also a tea room and adorable shop! Who doesn’t love a sassy yoga tank to go along with an amazing class? They offer classes in tons of different formats – everything from Restorative Stretch + Meditation, to a Warrior Workout, to a Vinyasa Yoga traditional flow class. I arrived at the studio about 10 minutes early, anxious to check out the new space. I was warmly welcomed by three women, one being Melissa, my instructor for the morning. I signed my waiver and was offered a little tour of the studio. Plum Yoga has two studio rooms – one with hanging rings for a rings based class, and another larger studio, which is where we practiced.

The larger studio offers cubbies in the back of the studio for your belongings, yoga mats, blocks, and blankets are also located on the back wall of the studio, and are offered at no extra charge. You can leave your shoes outside the studio, or store them along with your belongings inside the studio room.

For this class, we used both blocks and blankets, along with our mats (of course). Melissa described the class as an hour long Shavasana type class, and she was right on! No, you’re not lying there for an hour, but the poses are held for long periods of time and unlike a regular flow class, nothing is rushed or pushed to any extremes. She described the class as “yummy,” which isn’t an adjective I typically use, but all of the poses felt so good! Each athletic stretch class offers a different focus, but the class that I attended focused heavily on hips and shoulders, two of the places I hold a ton of tension! We held multiple variations of each posture, but within the 60 minute class, we only worked through 4 or 5 poses:

  • Hero’s Pose with neck stretches (image via
  • Thread the Needle (image via
  • Reclined Belly Twist (image via
  • Bridge Pose with supporting block (image via
  • Shavasana (some opted for butterfly legs during Shavasana)

I cannot say enough positive things about this class. I loved the feel of the studio, how welcoming the teachers were, and mostly how perfect this class was. If you are an athlete of any sort, slow down for a day and give this a try. Your body will thank you for it. Here a few more things to know before you go:

  • Parking at 6:15 AM was no problem, but give yourself extra time to park if you are taking a class later in the day. As you probably know, Lower Greenville has a tendency to get pretty crowded.
  • The poses were demonstrated and explained in lots of details, so even if you don’t usually consider yourself a “yogi,” you don’t need prior yoga knowledge to have a great class!
  • No showers here, so don’t plan on rinsing off at the studio after the class. However, the studio room was not extremely warm (maybe low 80’s), so I didn’t leave super sweaty either.
  • Grab a cup of tea on your way out, or in, or anytime! There is a huge variety of T-We Tea in store and plenty of tables to sit down and enjoy it!


Plum Yoga offers an introductory deal of 10 days for $10. I signed up for this deal, and am already signed up for another class. Next up: Rings ‘N Things!