Charry Morris

Partner | Director of Fitness

My introduction to “doing” yoga was with my college soccer team. Our coach was married to a yoga teacher and brought her in to help us with our flexibility and help prevent injury. I had never been as fit and that year, our team went to the NCAA DI Final Four. Yoga seemed to have benefited us all.

It wasnt until a few years later that I re-started yoga through another soccer coach- this time when I was playing in Japan professionally. He had us do yoga as part of our warm up in every training session and before every game. Again, my fitness level was through the roof. 

Finally, the yoga thing started to stick. I moved to Vail, where, still in training mode as a professional athlete, I found a teacher and a method that had a name: Argie Ligeros/Yoga 4 Athletes. Within months I was enrolled in Argies teacher training. Before that training was over I was teaching classes throughout the Vail valley.

After teaching many classes, students interested in knowing more about yoga started showing up for me. I wanted to be able to answer the questions they were posing, so I started to seek out trainings. Thus began my 10 year + quest for information and education. I went to countless workshops and intensives and learned a lot. I gained new knowledge and a lot of inspiration. I was able to answer some questions.

On one rainy day in a random studio in Brooklyn, I walked in and met my new teacher and now beloved friend, Sri Andrei Ram Om. Since that day, I have been earnestly and humbly studying the yoga science. Through Andrei Rams living example of wisdom in action and skillful integration of yoga techniques in daily living, I have been inspired to figure out what lies within my own heart. I have been gently nudged toward, not answers, but the tools to figure out the answers to my own questions. Although I am a reluctant yogi and a very slow learner, I offer my deepest gratitude for Sri Andrei Ram Om’s shining light in my life. Every day, I give thanks to all the great yoga masters that have sacrificed so much to pass along the yoga science to humanity and to Sri Andrei Ram Om. I now offer my own Self to the service of those interested in the great wisdom that lies within us all.

Yoga 4 Athletes Teacher Training 1999
Continuous Workshops/Conferences/Trainings since 2000
Thai Massage Training
300 Hour Training with Sri Andrei Ram Om 2014
Colombia Retreat with Sri Andrei Ram Om 2012-2015
Colombia Retreat with Dr. Pio 2014-2015
Leading Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Retreats throughout the U.S. since 2002