Class Spotlight: Vinyasa with Charry Morris

It may seem a little peculiar- maybe even self-serving to write a class review for a studio I own.  I’m not a blogger. But after today’s vinyasa class I feel compelled to document this experience- even if no one ever reads this blog post.   Can I be objective, you ask? Well, maybe not. But, not for the reasons you think. 

It is true; I do own the studio.  But, first and foremost I am a student.  I have tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders. I was put together with good glue- and probably will never see the “full expression of the pose” in my body. 

But, as a student- I truly appreciate a good teacher.  You know what I mean:  a teacher who completely shows up for his or her students- body, mind and spirit.  When you are in a yoga room- you are sharing an experience and you really can tell when someone is “phoning it in” or even worse- making a grocery list in her head.

When the teacher is truly present for a class- no matter how big or small- everyone feels it.  Everyone connects. And after all- aren’t we all looking for a connection? Hoping to be seen, to belong, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves?

In this case, the teacher I’m talking about is Charry Morris and she is the real deal.  Charry is a yoga teacher so generous with her energy that you can’t help but feel that warmth.  

Charry’s background was fitness first, then yoga. You can read her bio and find out all about her collegiate and professional soccer career and her depth of yoga training.  She knows the physical practice, the alignment and has the attention to detail to give you a good workout in her class. She’s sneaky that way. Charry has this way about her that takes you right to your edge and you are happy to go there.

But Charry makes the class so much more than the physical practice.  She connects. She is plugged in and present.  You feel inspired by the pure joy she brings to each class, to each pose, to each student.  There is something so genuine about Charry that you just know she truly loves yoga, she believes in it and she lives it.  And somehow in her class, you want to be your best self- for yourself. You feel safe to try something.  You are receptive.

So in the end, after Charry's one-hour vinyasa class- you really have gotten more than just the workout you expected. 1) You are connected. 2) You are open to possibility. And 3) You are tired, but fully awake!

Namaste, Rose