Look for New Vinyasa Classes on the Schedule

Everyone loves a hot, sweaty yoga class. Your body feels more flexible. Your mind feels more refreshed. You feel as though you are stronger and more balanced. You feel as though life is going to be okay. Everyone also loves a class that moves at a nice pace and rhythm with poses that challenge you where you are, but don't beat you down. Everyone likes a class that heats up and cools down in a simple progression which leads to a deep healing relaxation.

Vinyasa style classes move with the rhythm of the student's heart beat in a way that is smooth and flowing. We are moving our Open Yoga classes to become Vinyasa Yoga classes because you have made it clear that what you need is a good work out, with some interesting and challenging aspects but nothing that only one person other than the instructor can demonstrate. You want to get a good stretch and strength work in. You want to move, breathe and feel better than when you walked in the door. So, we have listened, and we will be offering Vinyasa Yoga classes in place of our Open Yoga classes. Same great instructors, new flowing classes based on mindfulness and positivity.