Back on Track Challenge

Now that our unpredictable summer schedules are winding down, it's time to get back into a routine. We've got a contest to help you get back on track (and stay on track!) this fall. Until September 30th, earn 1 point for every class you attend and 3 points for posting about Plum on Instagram or Facebook - be sure to follow us, tag @PlumYogaDallas and use #PlumYogaDallas to enter!

The more classes you take and times you post, the greater your chances of winning. The person with the most points at the end of the month will win the Plum t-shirt or tank top of their choice!


Get Back on Track with Plum

Summer is coming to a close, and it has been a blast. You relaxed in the sun, traveled far and wide, indulged in delicious food, and enjoyed quality time with family and friends. Now school is back in session, schedules are changing, and daily routines are being established - however, your routine is up to you. It's time to make things happen. The kids are back in class - are you?

 Make time for YOU in your routine - let's get Back on Track!

Live The Good Life with Plum

Are you ready to push your limits? Find inspiration as you power through sweat and tears, building your relationships and internal character. Embrace the forces of good and know that the more good you put out into the world, the more good energy you will attract. Choose to push harder, grow stronger, feel deeper, and love better. Make the most of each day and know the best is yet to come. You're on your way to The Good Life

Tea of the Month + Iced Tea for Summer

This month, we're serving up Flaming Prince Charming as our Tea of the Month - rekindle your summer romance over tea! Sparks will fly as you sip on this delicate white tea balanced with coconut ribbons and cardamom spice. Awaken a new love of tea & self as you search for your modern prince charming! 

P.S. Did you know that we serve three teas iced, every day? Perfect for beating the Texas summer heat! Sip on our exclusive Namaste Y'all and Big D Sweet Tea blends, or enjoy cool, minty refreshment with a cup of Madame Morocco Green Tea. 

Find Your Spark with Plum

Summer months are a time for change and exploration as we find ways to connect with others and nature. As we hike, run, cycle, and swim, we may reach a plateau and be looking for something outside of ourselves to rekindle our love of fitness. Join us for a yoga class and find yourself again. Healthy bodies make for healthy minds and even a small gesture of kindness can be a ray of sunshine in another's life. A single spark can be enough to set the world on fire. Do more of what sets your soul ablaze. Find Your Spark. 

Class Spotlight: Vinyasa with Charry Morris

It may seem a little peculiar- maybe even self-serving to write a class review for a studio I own.  I’m not a blogger. But after today’s vinyasa class I feel compelled to document this experience- even if no one ever reads this blog post.   Can I be objective, you ask? Well, maybe not. But, not for the reasons you think. 

It is true; I do own the studio.  But, first and foremost I am a student.  I have tight hips, hamstrings and shoulders. I was put together with good glue- and probably will never see the “full expression of the pose” in my body. 

But, as a student- I truly appreciate a good teacher.  You know what I mean:  a teacher who completely shows up for his or her students- body, mind and spirit.  When you are in a yoga room- you are sharing an experience and you really can tell when someone is “phoning it in” or even worse- making a grocery list in her head.

When the teacher is truly present for a class- no matter how big or small- everyone feels it.  Everyone connects. And after all- aren’t we all looking for a connection? Hoping to be seen, to belong, to be a part of something bigger than ourselves?

In this case, the teacher I’m talking about is Charry Morris and she is the real deal.  Charry is a yoga teacher so generous with her energy that you can’t help but feel that warmth.  

Charry’s background was fitness first, then yoga. You can read her bio and find out all about her collegiate and professional soccer career and her depth of yoga training.  She knows the physical practice, the alignment and has the attention to detail to give you a good workout in her class. She’s sneaky that way. Charry has this way about her that takes you right to your edge and you are happy to go there.

But Charry makes the class so much more than the physical practice.  She connects. She is plugged in and present.  You feel inspired by the pure joy she brings to each class, to each pose, to each student.  There is something so genuine about Charry that you just know she truly loves yoga, she believes in it and she lives it.  And somehow in her class, you want to be your best self- for yourself. You feel safe to try something.  You are receptive.

So in the end, after Charry's one-hour vinyasa class- you really have gotten more than just the workout you expected. 1) You are connected. 2) You are open to possibility. And 3) You are tired, but fully awake!

Namaste, Rose

I Survived My First SoulCycle Class - Check Out Our New Partner

       Post-class with my instructor, Lexi

       Post-class with my instructor, Lexi

To say that I was nervous before my first SoulCycle class is a total understatement - walking into the studio made me feel like a fish out of water. When I first heard about the SoulCycle craze, I wanted to run the other way. The idea of being clipped into a bike in a dark room absolutely terrified me. I thought I’d never be able to keep up!

Now, I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Plum is the exclusive yoga partner of the brand new SoulCyle Preston Hollow studio.

If you aren’t familiar with SoulCycle, imagine a dance party on a bike. I took my first class last week and I’m totally hooked! Despite my initial fears, the front desk staff made me feel welcome immediately, adjusted my bike, and helped me get my cycling shoes clipped into the pedals (though I have to admit that it did take a few minutes to adjust to being attached to my bike!)

Once the lights went off and the music came up, we started to ride in sync and I was surprised to discover that all of the strength I’ve built through practicing at Plum has really paid off. The core stability that we focus on in yoga helped me maintain great posture while riding and made it easy to get a hang of the “dancing on a bike” choreography moves. By the end of class, I had shed all my fears and felt confident and accomplished. I couldn’t wait for my next visit!

SoulCycle’s cardio workout is a great complement to your yoga practice and PlumFIT routine, so I encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and give it a try. Be sure to tell us about your own first experience, and keep an eye out for your favorite SoulCycle instructors in class at Plum! 

Look for New Vinyasa Classes on the Schedule

Everyone loves a hot, sweaty yoga class. Your body feels more flexible. Your mind feels more refreshed. You feel as though you are stronger and more balanced. You feel as though life is going to be okay. Everyone also loves a class that moves at a nice pace and rhythm with poses that challenge you where you are, but don't beat you down. Everyone likes a class that heats up and cools down in a simple progression which leads to a deep healing relaxation.

Vinyasa style classes move with the rhythm of the student's heart beat in a way that is smooth and flowing. We are moving our Open Yoga classes to become Vinyasa Yoga classes because you have made it clear that what you need is a good work out, with some interesting and challenging aspects but nothing that only one person other than the instructor can demonstrate. You want to get a good stretch and strength work in. You want to move, breathe and feel better than when you walked in the door. So, we have listened, and we will be offering Vinyasa Yoga classes in place of our Open Yoga classes. Same great instructors, new flowing classes based on mindfulness and positivity.