Blank Canvas Society

Greenville Avenue is bursting with tasty food, boozy hideouts and venturing into more retail space, but Plum Yoga is adding a bit of blissful wellness to the mix.

My first thought when I stepped into Plum was “where is the studio?” The space opens up to the tea bar, flanked by a sitting area and retail space with inviting jewelry, funky yoga apparel, soaps, candles and more. The setup lends itself to grabbing a tea and catching up, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, shopping for a unique gift or venturing in for a yoga class. I learned that this was intentionally designed to welcome practiced yogis like myself, as well as create an inviting atmosphere for those less inclined to seek yoga on their own.

Rose Fitzgerald, owner and managing partner, showed me to the back of the building, which houses the east and west studios. The west room is all about mobility and strength, offering classes on the rings hanging from the ceiling or core-focused classes. In the east room you’ll find a more traditional yoga studio, with an exposed brick wall and high windows for the sun to peek through. Fitzgerald explained how the two rooms and the classes within them offer balance for all athletes, though she was quick to clarify that it’s not about being all things to everyone. Instead, the studios aim to meet the individual where they are with fitness. So guests can focus on mobility and strength, while finding the release in yoga they’re looking for.

After my open yoga class, I joined Fitzgerald and Charry Morris, director of fitness and Plum partner, to hear more about T-We and the overall concept of the space.

T-We is a San Francisco-based artisanal tea brand that has exclusively partnered with Plum Yoga in Dallas. Like Fitzgerald and Morris the brand is lighthearted, with playful names but serious tea. Touting a tea sommelier, the brand mixes interesting flavors, vibrant aromas and has even created special blends for Plum Yoga, like Namaste Y’all, Lakewood DILF and Big D Sweet Tea, which is naturally sweetened with dates instead of refined sugar. Three of the 20 different teas can be served hot or cold and some of the teas are actually blended with coffee beans for an extra kick. The tea is offered at the bar or in canisters for purchase to enjoy at home or gift.

In terms of Dallas, Fitzgerald and Morris pointed out that there’s plenty to do on Greenville in terms of eating and drinking, but they want to offer an alternative, a new place for community to thrive. They joked that they are adding a touch of feminine mindset to the neighborhood and it made me realize that most places currently in the area are a little “masculine.”

As a small business themselves, the women are supporting other small businesses with their retail choices, intentionally selecting conscious brands. They explained that everything was curated, bearing in mind when and why people wear yoga clothes, to ensure everything is both beautiful and functional. Throughout the month of October, national breast cancer awareness month, Plum is selling pink lokai bracelets that offer $1 to Susan G. Komen for every bracelet sold. Additionally, they’ll be serving up a limited tea, Boobage and donating a portion of proceeds.

So whether you’re looking to catch up with a girlfriend over something other than a cocktail, need a fun and thoughtful gift, or want a yoga studio that doesn’t take things so serious, this is definitely a welcoming place for all. And if you’re looking to try out the studio, don’t wait – throughout the month of October you can take advantage of 10 consecutive days for only $10!