Bianca Alonso

Client Services Manager

Health and wellness have always been present in Bianca’s life through her mother’s influence.  She led an active lifestyle and encouraged Bianca and her siblings to do the same.  Bianca grew a strong love for fitness, trying many activities as fun simple hobbies, from martial arts to weight training, break-dancing, and hiking.  In college when health and wellness became a serious priority to Bianca, she took huge life changing steps in becoming a vegetarian.  She discovered her drive to sustain inner and outer compassion and peace through activism, meditation, and yoga philosophy.  Her curiosity about yoga grew with a desire to embark on a yoga teacher training journey and she was drawn to PLUM.  It has seemed that walking through the doors of PLUM and becoming part of this family sparked the opening of many doors within herself that she is amazed to have discovered and continue to discover through this community and through her practice.  Experiencing the interconnectedness of life is what drives Bianca to keep going deeper in knowing herself and to share what she learns and loves with others.