Arichelle Cooper

Client Services Manager

Born into a family of models, naturally a love for fashion was instilled within Arichelle.  After modeling throughout her young adult years, motherhood enabled her to take life in a different direction. She wanted to shed excess baby weight so she hit the gym hard trying different work outs until her weight hit a plateau. She turned to a world-renowned fitness video that had a yoga segment, which she skipped every time. Not impressed by yoga she never attempted it again until she stepped foot into Plum Yoga Dallas. She was asked to join the team as the Visual Manager and is so honored to be a part of a such an inspiring environment and studio. Plum Yoga has helped Arichelle approach yoga with a better understanding and in a more meaningful way. Plum has not only helped her physically but has empowered her to be stronger in every aspect of her life. From a mother, a daughter, a friend and role model, Plum has changed her life. Arichelle considers it her mission to help it grown and change others everyday.